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Reasons To ❤ Us

At Trash Knockout, quality is always key. We don’t compromise on it.

Why you’ll keep loving us:

❤ Trash Knockout professionally trained staff members handle issues on-site, reducing complaints to your office

❤ Reasonable pricing based on your property’s needs.

❤ Increased resident satisfaction, retention and positive reviews.

❤ Fewer garbage leaks/accidents on property.

❤ Cleaner apartments, unit door areas, breezeways, and dumpster areas.

❤ Fewer pests

❤ Increased resident safety – fewer trips in dark lots or bad weather, or leaving children unattended during trash removal from homes.

Our Range of Services

Because we don’t slack on quality, we go out of our way to make our customers happy and that is why we offer the following services to our esteemed customers:

  • Trash Management & Disposal
  • Trash Cans & Dumpsters
  • Waste Recycling:
  • The recycled waste service can be targeted toward:
    Fertilizer Manufacturers.
    Government Agencies.
    Golf Courses.
  • Door-To-Door Valet Services
  • Agreeable working atmostphere
  • Very competitive prices
  • Control of the waste stream, from the unit to the centralized waste and recycling areas.
  • Transport and disposal of trash at the customers’ community’s compactor or dumpster implementing a doorstep waste solution.

Our solution is a complete package of professionalism and commitment. Reach out to us today! Call: +214-597-5235 for fast support.